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Is it safe to use the services of Milaxy?

If you choose Milaxy you can be completely sure that your account is not at risk, because we have developed top-notch strategies and use only 100% real accounts with profile pictures and uploads. Such users will not only increase your rating but also launch a huge engagement on your page, which will lead to organic views and subscriptions in the future.

Is it necessary to provide passwords, when I place an order?

No! We do not need any passwords, logins or other confidential information, so you can be confident that your account is safe and secure. Nevertheless, bear in mind that your account should be set to public, as our users cannot reach private pages and view the content, like it or leave their comments.

Is it possible that my account is banned after I use the paid promotion?

Not with Milaxy! There is no reason why your account can be blocked, as your page will be visited by real people, who have got interested in your publications. We will send you the promotion services you have ordered frequently in small amounts, so that no doubts arise when the activity increases on your page.

What is the use of promotion services?

First of all, the promotion provides you with a great chance to boost your sales, if you are engaged in business, or get more credibility from your fans. The first thing the users pay attention to is the amount of followers or likes they can find on your page. The more engagement they will see, the more trust they will have.

Do you deliver bots or real likes and followers?

All our services are of the highest quality, as we care about our clients and their reputation. We do our best to make the accounts of our customers popular and direct more activity to the page. We never send you any bots because it will put the page at risk, on the contrary, we provide only 100% genuine users who will view your content, comment on it or even get interested in your goods or services.

Why should I choose Milaxy?

There are a lot of reasons why we are one of the top promotion websites on the Internet. Firstly, we provide only top-notch services to our clients. Secondly, you will be astonished to discover that you can become popular in social networks for reasonable price. Moreover, on our website you will find a wide variety of services, such as likes, views, reposts, followers, retweets, playlists and others, and will be able to order the number of selected services that you really need.

What shall I do after placing an order?

Now everything is on its way and you can relax or create some more content for your account. Our assistants start processing your order as soon as the payment is completed. Within the first several hours you will start receiving the requested services. The speed depends on the amount you have ordered. In case you have not received anything within 2 days, contact our support team, who will help you in any difficulties.

What is the procedure of buying services from Milaxy?

The process is as easy as a piece of pie! The first step you should undertake is to set your account public so that your new fans could view the content you publish. Then go back to Milaxy and select the services that are necessary for promotion and the required number. After that you will be directed to the page of confirmation of the order, where you have to settle the payment. Finally, get prepared to flood with promotion and popularity.

Can I leave my account private?

No! if you set your page private, our users won´t be able to find your page, get access to your content and launch the activity. If you intend to order services from Milaxy, don´t forget to change your account to public.

Will I receive any confirmation documents?

Of course, you will! After you have settled the payment, you will immediately receive a receipt with all the details about your purchase to your email address, that you have indicated while placing an order. The receipt contains such information as the selected services, their number, the total sum and a link to the account that must be promoted.

Will other users discover that I have used the paid promotion?

The answer is no! What other users will notice on your page is that your popularity has increased and your account looks more credible and trustworthy. We never disclose any information about our services to the Internet users. Apart from that, we choose safe methods to promote your page, in particular, we deliver the requested services in small amounts, so that the whole process looks natural.

Can the third parties get my credit card details?

We never disclose your personal data to the third parties neither save it to our databank, as it is prohibited by the law. Moreover, we never ask you for any passwords, that is why you can sure that you personal information will remain safe and secure.

How can I settle the payment for your services?

After you have chosen the services and entered your username, press the button further and you will be directed to the pop-up window where you have to complete the information about your banking data and finish the payment. We use all the internationally recognized payment systems such as Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. If any errors arise while you are placing an order with Milaxy, just write to our support team and they will definitely help you!

Can Milaxy help me to make money?

Absolutely! To boost the sales, you need lots of followers that will convert into your potential clients. The social media is extremely important in our modern society, as people tend to spend much time in social networks and once they see you page, they will trust your company more if you have high engagement on your account.

I have placed my order, but nothing happens. What shall I do?

Once the payment is completed, we start working upon it immediately. If you have placed a large order, it will take some time to get processed. As a rule, our customers receive the first services within several hours after they have placed an order with Milaxy. Make sure that your account is set to public and arm yourself with patience. Should your order not be performed within two days, contact our consultants!