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The number of saves on your profile is one of the first things that visitors of your profile look at. This may prompt them to immediately decide whether they will follow you or not. In order to create an advanced and developed account that will be able to bring you benefits, first of all, you need to buy and increase the number of saves on the Spotify account. Thus, you will have the opportunity to grow further and attract new followers and listeners.

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Fast delivery

The orders are usually processed in 1-2 minutes after you have completed your payment. You will get all your saves according to your wishes.

Confidential and safe

We respect your privacy and understand the importance of your business. You can be sure that your account will not be blocked or banned.

Guarantee Program

To prove the best quality of our promotion, we offer a special 30-day warranty for our clients.

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If you compare with other websites, you will see that our prices are ones of the lowest on the market. Get the best quality at reasonable prices!

Why Buy Spotify Promotion Services?

Make use of professional services


Producing a track takes a lot of time and effort. But if the music you create doesn't reach the necessary amount of fans, then it can be very frustrating. Spotify promotion allows you to overcome such difficulties. It will give the impression that your music is popular enough to be listened to and hence, attract new listeners to your music, who will start subscribing and become fans that will definitely increase your popularity.

Create an attractive profile


You need a Spotify account to advertise your songs, your creativity, as well as keep in touch with your fans and sell your tracks. Creating a profile is the first and obligatory step in boosting the number of fans. The more information you write on Spotify about your personality and your works, the more listeners and potential clients you will obtain in the future.

Create a Spotify playlist


One of the steps that you should undertake along with the paid promotion is to make a playlist on the platform. It allows your fans to see new works, find out more information about the works, and the artist. These actions will not only bring you new listeners, but also make your profile more popular.

Increase the number of your listeners


What does the number of listeners to your track influence on Spotify? This is one of the most important criteria for your popularity. If you want your track to reach the top, it needs listeners, who will create an image of high activity on your page and give a huge boost to your tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Services from Milaxy

What is the use of promotion on Spotify?

When users see that a track has few likes, all activity slows down by an average of 70%! Solution: buy likes, plays or reposts now so that other users also get proper interest in your talents and works!

How long does it take to obtain the first playlist placements?

Our system works automatically, it means that when you place an order, it starts being processed immediately. As a rule, it takes up to three banking days to process the order and send the first placements. If you receive anything within this period, write us!

What shall I do, if I am not satisfied with the service?

We have been working in the SMM sphere for several years and haven’t received any complaints from our customers yet. Should you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to write to our support team.

Is there any refund policy on your website?

We value the desires and needs of our clients, that is why we always try to do our best to complete the order to the full. Should not the execution of the order be completed or you don’t receive the promised amount of services, you are entitled to be refunded.

Are the plays legit?

The reputation and fame of our clients is the most important issue for us. Therefore, we send you only legitimate organic plays, and use the accounts of real listeners, who will like or repost your tracks. Sportify will not discover the artificial promotion.

What genre of music do you consider?

Any kind of music! As we work with various playlists from different countries, we can offer you a wide range of services. Having rich experience, we don’t see any boundaries on our way!