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Today Likee is one of the most popular social platforms, so it is not surprising that top bloggers make good money here. If you want to promote your account effectively and improve its positions, Likee Views is another SMM service that will bring you awesome results. A lot of people prefer buying views on Likee, because this is a great opportunity to make your channel popular easily and effectively.

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Why Choose Milaxy?

Real views

We offer only 100% genuine views from real users that have much activity on their profiles. No bots, only high-quality services!

Unmatched prices

Enjoy our competitive prices on the market along with the best quality you get! We care about our customers and make it possible for every user to order of package of our views!

Lightning-fast delivery

As soon as you complete your order, views start rolling to your account faster than you have imagined.

Top-rank support

We always do our best to assist to all our clients if they experience any difficulties or just want to know some details about their order.

Why Buy TwitterLikee Promotion Services?

Choose effective ways of promotion


There are over 100 million users from 200 countries on Likee. But not all pages are popular and active. If you want your videos to be watched, you need to interact with a specific audience. The promotion is important for those who have just started an account. But how to do that? Subscribers will gather in a natural way for a very long time. Therefore, the use of special resources and programs for the artificial increase in indicators will be effective.

Get popular within several days


Do you think you don´t have enough followers on Likee? It's easy as a piece of a pie and it won't take long! Talented bloggers have worked hard to get to the top for years, and you can become a leader in just a few days using the promotion services. We will help you get an audience that will not disappear, and you just have to continue to attract users by making exciting videos.

Choose only high-quality promotion


The most prestigious way to promote your account is to buy live subscribers who will watch your profile, comment and participate in your activities. These are real Likee users who love the app and spend a lot of their free time here. These are the activists who will help you how to increase subscribers in the Likee application and reach the top.

Make money with Likee


If your Likee page has many subscribers, this is a chance to become famous, independent and make money. You can buy followers on Likee and start monetizing, quickly getting a lot more money back. It is enough to buy Like subscribers to understand that it is much easier than ask for reciprocal subscriptions and the hope that the next video will go viral. In life, you should rely only on yourself, and create your own success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Services from Milaxy

Will subscribers like, repost or comment on my account?

The subscribers you will receive will scroll your page and like or comment on your publications, if you choose additional promotion services, such as buying comments, reposts or likes. In this case, the result of promotion will be the most fruitful and you will enjoy tremendous activity on your page.

How can I place my order?

The process of placing an order is easy due to our user-friendly interface. There is a request form on our website, fill in necessary information, in particular, the name of the service and the needed amount. After that, choose the most convenient way of payment and finish your order.

What information shall I indicate on the website?

We ask you to provide us only with the information that is necessary to fulfil your order. It is very important to indicate the username without any spelling mistakes. You can be sure that your account is secure as we never ask for any confidential data or passwords to your account.

What are the benefits of promotion?

First of all, you can buy our services to make your account more attractive. A profile with a lot of followers definitely looks more credible. Buying promotion is the fastest way to get red hearts or subscribers in the short term and this method brings the results instantly after you place an order.

Won’t the subscribers unsubscribe?

The high-quality promotion is not just words, but reality. We send you subscribers with a bonus and give a 30-day guarantee. If there are fewer subscribers than you ordered within a month, we will return them at our own expense!

Shall my profile be open?

Yes, your profile must be open, when you order the promotion. As various users will visit your page, subscribe to it, read your updates, like them or comment on them, you must set your account to public. Promotion of closed pages is impossible.

Is This Service Safe to Use?

All top Instagram stars spend a lot of money to promote their accounts using fake subscribers. What's the reason for this kind of a wrapping? It's all about visual perception. Most users, when deciding to follow a particular account, pay attention to the number of followers. The same applies to the various brands that decide to cooperate with you. The number of followers is a measure of your Instagram success.